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Below is some information and fast facts about Biloxi Mississippi.

Welcome To Biloxi MississippiNickname
The Playground of the South

45,670 (From 2008)

Median Resident Age
32.5 years

25 feet

Biloxi is located on a small peninsula between Biloxi Bay and the Mississippi Sound on the Gulf of Mexico, 70 miles northeast of New Orleans. I-90 is the major interstate that crosses through Biloxi.

Time Zone
Central Standard Time (When it's noon in Biloxi, it's 1 p.m. in New York and 10 a.m. in Los Angeles.)

Land Area
38 square miles

Average Temperatures
January 50.8℉; July, 81.7℉; average is 68℉

Average Annual Precipitation
61 inches

Local Seasons
Biloxi does not get four seasons. Most days see sunshine and a breeze coming off the Gulf. The humidity from May to September can get fierce and afternoon thunderbusters are common. Winter brings primarily warm, clear weather and occasional cold spells lasting no longer than three or four days. Hurricanes occur most often during June through November.

How to Get To Biloxi
By Car: Biloxi is accessible by car via I-70, I-90 and I-10
By Air: Fly into Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport, which is on the west side of the city and easily accessible to the beach and casino row. A taxi to the hotels from the airport is roughly $25.
By Bus: Greyhound Bus service is available in Biloxi at 190 Reynoir Street.
By Train: Amtrak serviced Gulfport-Biloxi until Hurricane Katrina when it finally suspended service

How to Get Around
You can peruse much of Biloxi on foot, but there are occasions when a car is necessary. You can rent a car at the airport (be sure to call ahead). Parking spots are numerous and the casino hotels have parking garages. If necessary, you can call a cab (not NY-style; you have to pick up the phone). Make sure you're getting a reputable company - ask your hotel if you need assistance.

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